NuGet Packages are avaliable!

by kalitte 10. September 2012 05:22

We published NuGet package of Kalitte Dynamic Dashboard. You can easiy install trial version and sample application by using NuGet package manager.

If  Nuget Package Manager isn't installed on Visual Studio, you can start with Installing NuGet

Using NuGet Package Manager Tutorial

You can access sample application and trial version from below links.

Sample Using on Package Manager Console

For Sample Application

Create a new empty web application.

Before installing, you need to remove all files under your project's root directory. (Web.Config,default.aspx etc.)

Run "Install-Package Kalitte.Dashboard.SampleApp" line on Package Manager


For Trial Version

Open a Web Application that you want integrate Dynamic Dashboards.

Run "Install-Package Kalitte.Dashboard.SampleApp" line onPackage Manager





Developing software dashboards using Dynamic Dashboards

by Admin 24. August 2012 18:12

We have just released a new video about developing with Dynamic Dashboards.

Video includes listing and creating dashboards, implementing widgets and customization of DashboardSurface.

Using Dynamic Dashboards for ASP.NET from dynamic dashboards on Vimeo.

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Version 3.4 is ready.

by Admin 20. March 2011 04:12

Resize Columns!

New version of Dynamic Dashboards include columns resizing. Your users can dynamically resize dashboard columns and DD automatically saves new layout.

Click here to download new version. 


- Added column resizing. User can resize a column and column width is automatically updated.

- Added Internet Explorer 9 support.


- Scrolling of dashboard toolcommands fixed.

- Bug related with custom javascripts for commands fixed.


* Execute following script on your SQL Server before upgrading:

  alter table dashboard add DashboardSettings ntext;

  alter table DashboardColumn add ColumnSettings ntext; 



Version 3.3 ready!

by Admin 16. September 2010 08:16

Version 3.3 is ready! New version includes free MapVisualizer control and new enhancements.

Below is a list of new features and changes.

- Added Silverlight MapVisualizer Widget. You can use MapVisualizer to visualize any data on a BingMap. 

Source code is available if you purchase a DD license.

- Added CommandConstant.TabChanged constant. Use DashboardTabView.OnCommand event handler for tab change.

- Ported sample web application to Visual Studio.Net 2010. Please note only sample web application

is ported. You can still use DD with VS.NET 2008 and .Net Framework 3.5.

- Added DashboardSurface.CreateInColumnText property. Use this property to change format of n.Column text.

- Added DashboardSurface.CreateInSectionText and DashboardSurface.GetCreateInColumnText event handlers. You can

use these handlers to customize n. Section and n. Column values like First Section, Small Column etc.


- WidgetPropertyEditor bug is resolved.

- SaveCollapse property bug is resolved.




Dynamic Dashboards for Asp.Net Version 3.2

by Admin 22. June 2010 01:55

Maximize Widgets!

Dynamic Dashboards Version 3.2 is ready. 

New version includes lots of enhancements and performance optimizations.

Below is a list of new features and changes.


* Added widget maximize functionality.

- You can set a widget maxizable so that user can maximize widget. WidgetType.WidgetProperties

 can also be used to set if a widget can be maximizable by default. 

 WidgetInstance.Properties.MaximizeSettings.Notify property can be used if you want to be

 notified when a user maximizes widget.

  - You can assign MaximizeMode.External to WidgetProperties.MaximizeProperty.WidgetMaximizeMode so that 

 widget is displayed inside an iframe element instead of inline.

* DashboardSurface.GetWidgets method implemented. 

GetWidgets returns a list of WidgetInfo object which contains WidgetInstance reference 

and your user control instance.

* DashboardEditor page redesigned. Added localization support.

* Added four new themes; Kalitte, KalitteBlue, Slate and Access.

* You can now set widget mask is automatically displayed when a postback occurs in your widget.

Set a value WidgetType.WidgetProperties.PostbackMask or use WidgetInstance.Properties.PostbackMask

to show a mask message during update.

* Implemented an overloaded version of DashboardSurface.CreateWidget. 

Simplyfies creating of a widget inside dashboard.

* Dashboard handlers and modules are automatically added to web.config for IIS7.

* Added Toolbar auto hide feature. You set it using WidgetInstance.AutohideToolbar property.

* Removed page scroll position restoring after postback.

* Added WidgetContainer control. You can use WidgetContainer to display a widget outside dashboard.

* Added two (C#, VB.NET) Hellow World application. You can use these applications as a template

for your dashboard application.


* Bug related with persisting ColumnPadding data in SQLServerProvider fixed.


* Update your application's web.config file.

- Change AjaxRequestModule to DirectRequestModule.

* Execute following script on your SQL Server before upgrading:

alter table WidgetInstance

add [Properties] [ntext] NULL;


alter table WidgetType

add [WidgetProperties] [ntext] NULL;


* WidgetEditor.aspx file changed. Create a new file using smart-tag of DashboardSurface control.

* Add maximizeWidgetUrl to KalitteDashboardFramework section. Below is an example;

  <KalitteDashboardFramework editorUrl="~/Pages/Dynamic/WidgetEditor.aspx" widgetMaximizeUrl="~/widgetMaximize.aspx">

  You can see a sample of widgetMaximize.aspx in sample web project (inside Pages/Dynamic folder)

* Dont forget to update assembly version from to 

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Geographic Data Visualizer for Asp.Net & Microsoft Sharepoint

by Admin 9. June 2010 14:49

We have published an open source project on codeplex.

Here is description.

SharePoint Geographic Data Visualizer includes an Asp.Net server control and Microsoft Sharepoint web part which your users can use to visualize any data on a BingMap Silverlight Control. Library supports polygon background coloring and drawing different symbols on map.

More info can be found @ 

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Dynamic Dashboard Providers V3.1

by Admin 12. April 2010 01:36

We have published source code of AccessDashboardProvider, SQLDashboardProvider and SessionDashboardProvider classes. You can download ( (104.22 kb)) them and use as a startup to develop your own providers.

About Dynamic Dashboard Providers:
Dashboard Providers allow Dynamic Dashboards to store metadata (i.e. dashboards, commands or widget instances) without a dependency to a particular database. You can also implement your own provider. We currently have three built-in dashboard providers named SQLDashboardProvider, AccessDashboardProvider and SessionDashboardProvider which uses MS SQL, MS
Access and Http Session Object to store metadata respectively.


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Reseller Information: Component Source

by Admin 27. February 2010 03:15

You can now use Component Source to purchase Kalitte Dynamic Dashboards. Component Source, as a worldwide reseller for software components and tools since 1995, also provides toll free support phones and consultancy about Dynamic Dashboards. More information can be found here.



Dynamic Dashboards for Asp.Net Version 3.1

by Admin 15. February 2010 06:19

Version 3.1 is published.

V3.1 includes DashboardTabView control which you can use tı display dashboards inside tabs.

We have also prepared a detailed User Guide document. Click here (3.10 mb) to download documentation in PDF format.

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Pop3 Client Widget

by Admin 3. February 2010 14:50

We have finished developing pop3 client widget. With this widget, a user can easily display his emails on dashboard. 

Widget also supports SSL, so you can use it to retrieve e-mails from gmail.

Here a sample can be found.

BTW an article is published on ArticleBlast.

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