Cloud Dashboard

by Admin 26. January 2012 16:09

Dynamic Dashboard is in Cloud.

You can use Dynamic Dashboards with Microsoft Azure Platform.

Here is a demo;

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Unique Features which make DD a Unique Product

by Admin 16. January 2012 04:41

We have more than 500 customers all over the world and they all provided customizable dashboards to their users.

iGoogle like dashboards & portals for Asp.Net

Below is a list of key features which makes Dynamic Dashboards a unique product in it's space.

With just a click, DD converts regular Asp.Net User Controls to drag-drop widgets.

Widgets are regular Asp.Net user controls. You can even use your existing user controls as widgets and 3rd party server controls and javascript are fully supported.

This will let you to implement anything inside a widget. Unlike some dashboard designer vendors provide, you are not limited to data visualization controls of them. You are completely free to implement what you and your customers need.

Database & Browser Independent

Widget and dashboards settings are per user and they are persisted using providers. DD has two providers, SQL Server and MS Accress and you can easily implement new providers. Our customers implemented XML flat file provider and Oracle providers successfully.

DD is also browser independent. All major browsers are supported.

Multiple columns and rows layout

A unique feature: Multiple columns and rows inside same dashboard. What this means is, you can have 2 columns on first row, 5 columns on second row and 1 column on third row.

Widget communication and automatic page life cycle

All operations on a dashboard, such as dragging existing widgets or adding new widgets, clicking to toolbar buttons use asynchronous post backs. DD manages all low level Asp.Net page life-cycle details and you can use any Asp.Net user control containing any server controls as a widget. Viewstate is automatically persisted and restored after drag-dropping of widgets or adding new widgets to dashboards.

DD supports communication of widgets and message broadcasting also.

Builtin and User Defined themes

DD supports styling of dashboards, dashboard rows and widgets. Basically, you can define body or header style, assign a css rule or define width / height for a panel.

Theming architecture allows changing appearance of panels globally and supports user defined themes.

Exceptional Support

Upon purchasing Dynamic Dashboards, we provide one year technical support and initial reponse time is 24h. 


  • Widget & Column Resizing. Your users can change both widget height and column width using mouse.
  • Drop validation.
  • Custom Toolbars, Bottombars and Tool Commands.
  • Free gauge control and open source widget library.
  • Visual Studio design time support.


User Guide of Dynamic Dashboards

by ilgaz 15. January 2012 08:33

User Guide is updated with the latest version (v3.6) of Dynamic Dashboards .

It is ready with new samples.

Dynamic Dashboards User Guide.pdf (3.07 mb)

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