One hundred Dynamic Dashboards customers reduced their maintenance costs

by Admin 25. March 2010 00:13

We are proud to announce we have more than one hundred customers all over the world!

Ajax - Widget based Dynamic Dashboards for Asp.Net is a fully managed ASP.NET server control library that lets you add fantastic looking, user customizable drag – drop Ajax dashboards and widgets to your applications with ease.  

Unlike static - non user customizable dashboards, DD provides  a dynamism platform which your customers can use to create their own dashboards. This also decreases your maintenance costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Below is a full feature list.

  • Dashboard Providers, which provides database independency to store metadata.
  • Browser independency; supports IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.
  • Full Ajax support with automatic page life‚Äźcycle management.
  • Toolbar, bottom bar, tool command, and context menu and widget communication support.
  • Styling and theme support including user defined themes.
  • Multiple row and column layout including multi column spanning.
  • Free Asp.Net gauge control.
  • High level customization including widget resizing, animation and drop validation.
  • Ready to use widgets; Open source widget library included.
Visit demo web site for an online demo. More information about DD can also be found here.

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